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Mushroom Matrix
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Thank you to our sponsors whose support has kept us and our horses performing at the highest level.
Joint inflammation is your top challenge. LubriSyn is the safe and affordable way to protect your horse's joints.  LubriSyn is an oral form on Hyaluronic acid (HA) which occurs naturally in joint fluid. When horses train and exercise the joint fluid breaks down more quickly. A daily dose of LubriSyn restores that cushioning fluid. As horse age, they suffer the loss of HA levels, increasing inflammation and arthritis. LubriSyn can reduce the need for costly and painful injections.  Use LubriSyn everyday and get improved performance for your horse for as little as $1.37/day or $43.00 per month!
Produced by Golden Gourmet Mushrooms of San Marcos, the Matrix is a special blend of organically-grown medicinal mushrooms that comes in formulas for humans, small animals and horses. Rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients, Matrix supplements provide multiple health benefits for horses, including promoting healthy joints, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, increasing stamina and reducing stress and anxiety.
HorseTech offers a wide variety of equine nutritional supplements. Endorsed by top riders.
Cavalor offers a comprehensive and innovative equine feed line that addresses the diverse nutritional requirements of the equine world in general and each horse in particular. Cavalor's products are the result of 20 years of pure research and applied field testing to create products that work.
Custom Saddlery uses the latest techniques and innovations to make the best saddles available to its customers. Made to your horse's requirements and used by the best riders in the United States.
Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. ("PC Sports") is a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the horse industry by offering products that prevent injuries and aid in the rehabilitation of injuries to the horse. Its reputation in the equine industry is the result of diligent scientific research and development, together with a commitment to providing products of the highest quality in the market.
With more than 25 years of expertise, Heritage Gloves offers a comprehensive line of products for both professional and pleasure riders. The best designs and materials of the highest quality combined with the company’s patented patterns give the rider comfort, proper fitting, rein control and a competitive edge.
Creates elegantly adorned leather products for horses, dogs, and humans. For your horse, select from a wide assortment of jeweled browbands and halters. For your dog create a custom collar. For the human there’s adorned belts, spurs, spur straps, and custom made jewelry. All POH leather products are stitched to order in the USA by experienced craftspersons.
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